About Us

Our Mission

  • For more than 10 years, ATEB Limited has provided strategic expertise in the market that owns the largest share in Leasing, Repairing, and cleaning ISO tanks and shipping containers locally and globally. However long you need them can make it easier for you any time, all the time. We aim to grow selectively, opportunistically, and always on a value-accretive basis.

Our Vision

  • To create a long-term relationship with our customer and supplies and existing leasing, repairing containers and cleaning Iso tanks of the best quality and to reach the longest possible lifespan and We take extra care to ensure the equipment to be available

We Build Reliable Services

Our company ATEB Limited started in 2012 providing a wide range of products and services, leasing and Repairing containers, Shipping containers and cleaning IOS tanks and now we are one of the leading Egyptian container leasing companies working on operational leasing solutions, then We create smart and affordable equipment to fit your needs and We take extra care to ensure the equipment to be available and ready for use any time all the time.

Our Values

  • Flexibility: Understanding each customer’s unique needs and being available all the time at any time. If our clients require something that is out of the scope of our work, we will do everything we can to try and achieve this for them.
  • Expertise: Expert guidance with confidence to offer the best quality locally and globally to fulfill your requirements.
  • Accountability: Being responsible to those we serve.
  • Innovation: Leading your business to get new solutions at a regular cadence.
  • Honesty: Always being upfront with customers to build trust and loyalty.